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Emergency Communications

Section Emergency Coordinator
Frank Dean Jr., K4SJR
Jasper, GA
Email: k4sjr at arrl.net

Net Operations

Net Manager / Traffic Manager
Charles Pennington, K4GK
Sandersville, GA
Email: k4gk at arrl.net

Join our Communications and Traffic Nets. Voice and Digital. We practice our skills on a regular basis to ensure we are ready to be deployed in an emergency. Click Here for frequencies and schedules.

Georgia CW Training Net

Net Manager
Bill Carter, KG4FXG
Sandersville, GA
Email: kg4fxg at arrl.net

The Georgia Training Net is a Morse code training net and meets to train traffic handlers and to pass traffic as part of the ARRL National Traffic System. The net offers training in Basic, Advanced, NCS, Liaison and Instructor training.

The GTN meets daily at 9PM (Eastern local) on 3549 kHz and offers training courses and certificates for completing courses in Basic, Advanced, NCS, Liaison, and Instructor.

Hiram Percy Maxim, W1AW, formed the first training nets to help him get parts for radios that he couldn't get by direct contact or from local sources where he was at the time. So, the Georgia Training Net (GTN) uses some training material that goes back to the start of Amateur Radio and the National Traffic System--it's a little piece of history that continues on today. For more info on the GTN, check their webpage at ad4dx.com/gtn.

Training for NCS Laison and Other Programs

For More Information
Greg Tillman , N4VAD
Email: n4vad at arrl.net
Mike Henderson , KG4IMI
Email: medicm28 at yahoo.com

Last Update:02/2017